Dr. Rama D. Rao, MD Pain Management
Specializing in managing all painful conditions

Pain Treatment Procedures

Consultations, evaluations, recommendations and management of the pain is all done in the office.

Fluoroscopic guidance used for all spine intervention procedures and many other e.g. for sympathetic pain and joint injections, etc.

Injections place an anti-inflammatory or long lasting corticosteroid and an anesthetic numbing agent medicine, to decrease inflammation, and hopefully alleviate the pain. Injections may help the injury to heal by shrinking inflammation.

Management of pain includes:
  • epidural injections
  • selective diagnostic nerve blocks
  • joint injections
  • radio frequency ablations
  • Acupuncture

Treatment Approaches

Management of various PAIN DISORDERS are done emphasizing the importance of:

  • Empathy
  • Patient Education
  • Concreteness of Diagnosis
  • Use of Multimodality Treatment
  • Close Follow-ups
  • Use of Narcotic, Non-Narcotic Pain Medication as Needed
  • Patient Cooperation, Compliance and active participation in the treatment Plan

Referred to physical therapy and cognitive pain behavioral therapy as needed.


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